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  • In today’s harsh environment our scalp suffers from scalp Xerosis (dryness). This dryness creates cracks on scalp and blocks the nourishment to travel into hair follicles. This example can be thought of as nutrition IV for the scalp which will provide vitamin and other necessary nutrition to repair the dry and damaged scalp and hair.
  • KOPEXIL and Nacinamide give nutrition to both the hair and the hair root and prevents the loss of hair.
*KOPEXIL gives flexibility to the scalp and prevents the hair from becoming stiff. It also reduces the clogging of pores and prevents the hair from becoming thin and weak.                                                                                                                                  
*Nacinamide gives vitality to damaged hair and black bean extract works to healthy hair. The aroma oil (lemon extract) relaxes your mind and the oil content remaining on the scalp is deep cleansed and purified leaving the scalp refreshed.                              


Size 6 ml x 8 ea.


  • Use on dry scalp after shampoo with Legitime Shampoos.
  • Apply (shake well before usage) evenly over the scalp per section (1 inch apart).
  • After massaging (follow the steps of Accupressure), leave to absorb (Do Not Rinse).
**Note : Most effective when used once or twice a week.                                                                                                                 
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